Using CEREC technology, we are able to manufacture and place permanent crown restorations in a single dental visit. These all ceramic crowns are made from the best material to suit your specific restorative need. Your dentist, not a dental lab technician, is in charge of every minute detail during your crown’s manufacturing process.

Advances in dental ceramic technology have given us materials that are extremely strong and durable. These materials surpass the strengths of previous porcelain to metal crowns and are also much less abrasive to your opposing natural teeth.


During your appointment, the tooth is prepared for the crown restoration to be fitted. Instead of a standard dental impression, the tooth, opposing teeth, and bite are all digitally imaged. Your doctor then designs your crown using the CEREC software to his or her exact desires. Your crown is then milled out of a solid block of dental ceramic. When milling is complete, the crown is tried in for proper fit and any adjustments are made. Depending on the material selected, the crown is then either polished or fired in a glazing oven. These crowns can be stained and characterized to closely match your natural teeth, giving us a very aesthetic result.
Single-visit crown appointments are very convenient to our patients. They really enjoy the ability to complete the procedure in one dental visit rather than multiple appointments.
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