Cone Beam CT is a three-dimensional scan of the jaws that is very similar to a standard medical CAT scan. However, unlike the medical CAT scan which uses a continuous beam of radiation, the Cone Beam takes intermittent shots that are then stitched together using computer software. This process delivers an extremely detailed 3-D image while greatly reducing radiation exposure to the patient.
Using software designed for the placement of dental implants, we are able to plan exactly where we want to place the dental implant on the 3-D scan. We are then able to fabricate surgical guides using the information from the Cone Beam scan. These surgical guides allow us to surgically place the implant within 1/100ths of a millimeter to the original planned position on the Cone Beam scan. This technology is truly amazing. We are able to do most implant placement through a small tissue punch rather than having to do a complete surgical flap procedure. This technology makes the procedure much quicker and safer, and postoperative discomfort is significantly reduced.
Single or multiple teeth can be attached to dental implants. Complete dentures and partials can also be anchored to implants to increase their stability and retention.
Implant dentistry is an exciting field and advancements are constant. Dental Implants give us the ability to replace teeth without damaging otherwise healthy teeth in the process. They can greatly enhance patient’s teeth aesthetically and provide superior function over other previous treatment options.
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